New portfolio website
Saturday, June 16, 2007

As much as I liked the look of my previous website, beyond the flash intro, it was quite demanding. Providing you have a decent broadband connection, accessing my work should now be quick and easy.

A simple visual navigation menu (click image above) enables you to get an overview and should help you decide which piece to look at, particularly if you are not familiar with the brands featured. Otherwise a text menu is always available on the left. As before, there are PDFs of each entry to download as case studies, as well as whole presentations of each major section.

I hope this new website will encourage you to spend more time appreciating the ideas and presentation of work I have given so much of myself to. Also, try to imagine what might have been with some of my concept work. Many of these projects were derailed for reasons beyond what could have been anticipated at the time of the brief.

And, for your further appreciation, take a look through the 'Other' projects section. There are bound to be a few surprises and plenty of food for thought - if you like to think about branding more profoundly.